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Feeder pig production analysis

Breaks down all items of income, expense, and net income in a sowherd, including net for entire enterprise, net per sow, net per pig marketed, and break-even price per pound of pig marketed. Also calculates number of replacement gilts needed annually.  AG135 $16

Swine finishing break-even

Considers all economic aspects of hog finishing, then provides "bottom line" numbers for returns and expenses, break-even price per pound required, profit or loss per head, and total profit or loss.  AG136 $16

Swine breeding and finishing records

Complete records system--with alert date reminders--for realistic usage in any swine herd. Provides for each individual sow record: Sow ID; ID of boar (or boar pen) to which bred; breeding date; heat date alert for two periods after breeding which you initially specify for entire herd; date alert for pregnancy check after breeding; date alert for moving to farrowing house, date alert for normal farrowing; date alert for castration, etc.; date alert for other tasks; date alert when to wean and move to nursery; date alert when to move to finishing bar; date alert for projected marketing date; number of live pigs in litter; number of pigs weaned from litter; number of hogs marketed from litter; ;average weight per hog at marketing; and total weight of litter as marketed. Also gives you these figures to date for the year: Total number of pigs farrowed, average number of live pigs per litter, average number of pigs weaned per litter, average number of hogs marketed per litter, average weight per hog marketed, average total weight per litter marketed, total number of litters marketed, and total pounds of hogs marketed. AG159 $20

Sow listing and farrowing performance

Can handle up to 13 groups of sows. Gives for each group and total for entire farrowing operation: Number of sows farrowed, total pigs born, pigs born alive, average number of pigs born alive per litter, average number of pigs born dead per litter, percentage pigs born dead, litters of fewer than seven pigs born alive, and percentage of litters with fewer than seven pigs born alive, number of litters weaned, average age at weaning, total pigs weaned, average number of pigs weaned per litter, pre-weaning morality percentage, average litter weaning weight, average adjusted weaning weight, average SPI, total present female inventory, average parity, gilts entered this group, sows and gilts culled this group, sow deaths this group, boar inventory, boards died or culled this group, and sows and gilts initially in this group--plus individual gilt and sow records such as projected farrowing date, boar pen used, SPI.... AG172 $20

Individual sow and litter records

For each of sow's litters provides: Parity, boar ID, Date bred, date due, date farrowed, number of boars and number of gilts, farrowing weight, litter number, total born, total born alive, number boars and number of gilts alive, number alive at 21 days, weight at 21 days, remarks section. For each pig: Sex, teat count right and left, days to 230 pounds, backfat probe, and loineye area. Averages for the litter: Teat count right and left, days to 230 pounds, backfat probe, and loineye area. Overall individual sow summary record provides: Number of litters, average total boars and alive boars, average total gilts and alive gilts, average number alive at 21 days, average litter weight at 21 days, breeding remarks, remarks, plus listing by litter and overall averages for teat count right and left, days to 230 pounds, backfat probe, and loin eye area. AG179 $20