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Comments made by The Aviation Consumer when it reviewed several of these programs: "The programs are well thought out...considering the prices, these are pretty good covering as much ground as they do, the programs offer a real insight...and they provide an excellent modeling tool for making decisions...the Sunshine programs are well worth it...."

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(Can use spreadsheet with data base functions or data base software.)

Flying "numbers"

Enables you to fly more safely and competently, especially if you frequently use different aircraft. Lists all indicated airspeeds and other numbers you need to know about each plane you fly. As featured in Private Pilot. AV101 $10


Gives you all information you need about your most often flown to destinations: Frequencies, routing, distance, elevations, phone numbers, etc. AV102 $10


Lets you file your most commonly flown routes with necessary related information, such as frequencies, mileage, and routing. AV103 $10

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Annual plane expenses

Keeps a cumulative breakdown record of all yearly costs, plus provides cost per hour for each breakdown and total. As featured in Private Pilot. AV104 $12

Plane expenses + budget.

As costs are recorded under each heading "division", these numbers are automatically calculated: Total cost to date for each heading division, total expenditure to date for all divisions, percentage each division is of total expenditure, and percentage each division and total budget are over or under budget. Result: At a glance, overall and specific financial status can be determined. Either dollar amounts by division or percentage of budget figures can also be graphed for enhanced illustrative purposes. Can be modified with additional item headings, too. And, by adding a column at left for ID purposes, spreadsheet can also substitute for General Ledger. AV105 $18

Plane ownership costs

Calculates cost per hour of flying, including optional factors of percentage ownership, depreciation, and interest cost of money. Special feature: Also computes number of hours that must be flown annually to arrive at the cost per hour you specify. As featured in Private Pilot. AV106 $14

Fix up your present airplane or buy another?

Lets you factor in all elements and compare side-by-side your present aircraft and any potential purchase, used or new. Provides per hour, annual, and total costs for replacements and renovations (such as major overhaul, interior, avionics, repainting, etc.), maintenance, all fixed costs, fuel costs, depreciation, interest, and total cost of ownership. Also gives you per hour, annual, and total cost advantage or disadvantage of keeping your present aircraft rather than replacing with another used or new plane. As featured in Private Pilot. AV127 $14

How to justify your own aircraft for business travel

Which is least expensive--all things considered--for business travel, your plane or going by airliner? Besides usual costs, considers your pay and "fringes", your "productivity ratio", as well as flight time and total time involved in a typical business trip. Provides you with comparative direct costs and per hour of travel time, all costs including your pay, and ditto including your "productivity ratio". Can also be used to learn if a corporate flight department can be justified. AV132 $14

Decide which plane is your best rental bargain

Enables you to compare up to three different rental planes at one time--and plug in realistic speeds as well as wet and dry rates.... Gives you for any flight: Flight time in hours and tenths of an hour, total cost of flight, cost per mile, and cost per seat mile. AV134 $12

Pinpoint costs of learning to fly, earning IFR rating

Enables you to precisely determine what cost of Private Pilot (or Commercial) license and/or Instrument rating will be. Gives you standards for Part 141 schools, normal FAA hourly requirements, "Average" time required, and for your estimate. AV138 $12

Can you justify a new loran or GPS?

Helps you determine if you can justify an investment in a new nav unit. Shows you estimated average saving per crosscountry flight, and number of flights, crosscountry hours, years, and years including maintenance required to make unit pay off. AV141 $12

Determine exactly costs and amounts used per hour for fuel, oil, and maintenance

Do you know precisely how much fuel you use and its cost for each hour you fly? Record dates, amounts, and costs, and you get average gallons of fuel burned and cost of fuel per hour, oil consumption and cost per hour, and maintenance cost per hour. Helps both your flight planning and budgeting. AV142 $10

Partnership checkbook records

This helps keep partnership running more smoothly. Provides space to record date, remarks, and amount for each expense and for each partner’s contribution. This latter quickly shows who’s current and who’s not. Program also displays current checking account balance. AV146 $12

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C.A.P. mission flight planning

Enables Civil Air Patrol mission pilots to quickly figure times to and from grids, time in grid, and total sortie time for rapid mission planning. Ideal for laptop computer usage. NOTE: A total of seven Civil Air Patrol programs developed by a Qualified Mission Coordinator, Qualified Mission Pilot, and Squadron Commander are available. A detailed listing will be sent at your request. AV107 $10

Flight planning

Can easily be customized for any plane. Provides wealth of computed information: Time and distance to cruise altitude; time and distance to letdown; estimated true airspeed and ground speed in both knots and MPH per leg; time in each leg in both minutes and tenths of a minute, cumulative elapsed time, and total time; fuel burned per leg, cumulative, and fuel remaining. Also lets you record all navigational, airport, and route information for easy access: All necessary com and nav frequencies, navigation IDs, headings, elevations, crosschecks.... Fast, too. As featured in Private Pilot. AV108 $16

IFR flight planning

Makes calculating an Instrument Flight Rules flight plan much easier and faster. Hard copy also provides checklist reminder boxes, an IDed area for later copying of IFR clearance in plane before takeoff, and spaces to keep actual times of each leg as an aid in making ETAs. Figures mileage remaining after each leg, plugs in ground speed, calculates point-to-point and cumulative times, ETAs for each leg and total trip. Takes care of all paperwork for an IFR trip except for approach plates. As featured in Private Pilot. AV109 $10

Flight plan assistant

Speeds flight planning by rapidly providing you with headings, groundspeeds, time enroute, and fuel burn corrected for wind speed and direction. Lets you compare three altitudes side-by-side to aid you in deciding how high to fly. As featured in Private Pilot. AV110 $12

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Computer logbook

Keeps year-to-date and total flight hour recordings for day, night, IFR hood time, IFR actual, simulator, dual, solo, and PIC (Pilot In Command), plus the same for landings. Area in which entries are made duplicates regular logbook, including "Remarks" space, and so serves as an important backup in case regular logbook is lost or destroyed. As featured in Private Pilot. AV111 $10

Flight records

Helpful in providing expense account and/or records for IRS when plane is flown for both business and pleasure. As featured in Private Pilot. AV112 $10

Logbook supplement

Serves as a backup in case of loss of logbook. Lets you be more precise in recording hours under various headings, when important dates such as medical and biennial are due, and detailing hours in all the different types of planes you've flown. As featured in Private Pilot. AV113 $10


You'll never again forget when something is due. Acts as a computer "string around your finger"--tells you if you're still "O.K." or if you or aircraft is "Not legal" or "Overdue". Alerts you as a pilot to: Day VFR currency, night VFR currency, IFR required hours and approaches, annual or biannual, medical, and C.A.P. Form 5. For your aircraft: Annual, 100-hour, static system check, transponder check, ELT battery, radio license, oil and filter change, battery check, overhaul, prop overhaul. AV135 $12

Personal flying records

Really puts everything into perspective--gives you "yardsticks" against which to measure your flight time. Tells you how many total eight- and 24-hour days, night flying eight- and 24-hour days, IFR eight- and 24-hour days you've flown...average total hours/year, average night hours/year, average IFR hours/year/ average number of landings/ mileage...number of trips around world this many trips between any two points in world you select this represents. AV136 $12

IFR "tickler"

Assists you in keeping up both the IFR currency of your plane and yourself for IFR flight. Sums up for you: IFR hours within past six months, IMC hours within past six months, hood hours with past six months, approaches made within past six months, hours and approaches you still need to fulfill six-month requirements, days until plane VOR check is due, days until plane static system check is due, and days until plane transponder check is due. Provides "Not legal" alerts. As featured in Private Pilot. AV130 $14

Frequent flyer record

For each of six airlines--and you can add more--has space for you to record date of flight; route description; class; purpose of flight; whether airline, rental car, or hotel credits; withdrawals; and mileage points earned for each flight. Summary for each airline shows your ID number, total mileage points earned, total withdrawals used, present available mileage points, and the surplus or deficit of present mileage points toward a goal you've set. AV140 $10

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Maintenance log

Each general aviation plane has a logbook for airframe and another for the engine. Entries are usually difficult to read and scattered over many pages--making it easy to overlook or forget vital due dates and other information. Records dates, tachometer readings, ID (used to "key" or code as the user wishes), task accomplished, date when next due, cost (which is totaled above, too), ADs (Airworthiness Directives) complied with, SBs (Service Bulletins) complied with, shop used, VOR check deviations, engine cylinder compression, and remarks. As featured in Private Pilot. AV114 $10

Powerplant health

Keeps records of oil analysis tests and compression checks, computes averages, helps alert you to potential problems. AV115 $10

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Approach and landing thumbrules

Landings are usually considered the most critical aspect of flying. These seven different templates can make you a safer pilot: Rate of descent thumbrule at various glideslope angles, rollout distance, effect of tailwind, effect of headwind, three alternatives to handling gusts, effect of lighter weights on approach speed, and potential for hydroplaning. As featured in Private Pilot. AV116 $10

Calculate line-of-sight distances and altitudes for optimum radio reception

Informs you how far or low you can be from a VOR or VHF transmitter and still receive adequate radio signals for navigation and/or communication. As featured in Private Pilot. AV117 $10

Calculate rate of climb and distance

Tells you how much you can climb in a specified distance or how much distance climbing a certain amount will require. Good for checking SID and other departure requirements in rough or rising terrain. As featured in Private Pilot. AV118 $10

Crosswind go-no go

Enables you to quickly determine if a reported crosswind is within placarded--and personal--limits. As featured in Private Pilot. AV119 $10

Handy conversions

A number of useful items that pertain to flying: Figuring ETAs, fuel management, efficiency--and conversions. As featured in Private Pilot. AV120 $10

How far you can glide in an emergency.

Prepares you for a potential emergency situation, provides information when deciding whether to fly over water or mountainous areas, and helps answer typical inexperienced passenger's query, "What happens if the engine stops?" As featured in Private Pilot. AV121 $10

How to predict freezing levels.

Provides freezing levels in both clear sky and in clouds. Also converts Fahrenheit to Celsius. As featured in IFR. AV122 $10

Pinpoint most effective cruise power and efficient cruise costs. There may be a surprise for you here! Provides at various power settings: Cost per hour, cost per year, cost per mile, miles flown--and dollars saved annually using different power settings. As featured in Private Pilot. AV123 $12

Turn performance, plus affect of bank angle on stall speed and G forces

Shows you how rapidly stall speed increases with additional bank angle. Gives you for any angle of bank and true airspeed you choose: Stall speed, Gs pulled, and amount of time and distance resulting turn takes. Graph included. As featured in Private Pilot. AV124 $10

Koch Chart goes computer

Almost instantly calculates density altitude, percentage more or less of "standard" takeoff distance, computed takeoff distance, percentage more or less of "standard" rate of climb, and computed best rate of climb. As featured in Private Pilot. AV125 $14

Weight & Balance

Once information is customized for certain plane (duplicate templates for additional planes), only two to four entries, the work of a few seconds, provides loaded weight and center of gravity figures. Satisfies FAA requirements, saves much time over even a desk calculator, and loads can be "shifted" or modified with a couple of key punches to see affect on weight and balance. Examples: What happens when 260-pounder is moved from a front to back add or remove 100 pounds of baggage...four hours of fuel are burned off...? As featured in Private Pilot. AV126 $12

Final ILS approach rate of descent and time to fly

Lets you make better, safer, and more precise approaches. From FAF to MAP provides: Distance, altitude to be lost, calculated glide slope angle, time, required descent rate. From MAP to threshold provides: Altitude crossing threshold, altitude to be lost, time, and glideslope angle. From threshold to touchdown provides: Distance. For entire approach provides: Total distance and time. Also converts speed from knots to MPH. AV128 $10

Effects of density altitude

At-a-glance table shows you--without complicated use of straightedge or punching any keys--increase in rate of climb and takeoff distance from sea level to 10,000 feet in 1,000-foot increments and for these temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit: 59, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, and 110. Then, at your option, allows you to calculate the estimated takeoff distance and rate of climb you can expect with your aircraft. AV129 $12

Zulu time calculator

You enter the difference in number of hours between your time zone and "Zulu time", then read "Zulu times" for each of the 24 hours as shown in local time. AV133 $10

Effects of percentage cruise power

Provides you with differences between any three cruise power percentages for MPH, GPH, MPG, range, fuel cost/flight, additional cost/mile, flight time, and maximum endurance. AV137 $12

Real life speeds--how to ascertain them

Find out how really fast your aircraft flies. Airspeed indicators and tachs can be inaccurate. some of the woefully so, leading to gross over or under estimates of speed. Use this program to set up precise tests that will enable you to pinpoint your airspeeds at any altitude. This, of course, makes your flight planning much more accurate. AV143 $15

Percentage power your engine is really developing

When you make the settings for a certain percentage of power, say 65 percent, is your engine actually producing 65 percent power or is it really running at much less or much more power? The former slows your progress and the latter wastes fuel and probably shortens TBO time. Here’s a simple way to find how on just one crosscountry flight at what percentage power you’re really cruising. AV144 $10

VOR check logbook

Never again risk flying IFR illegally due to not checking—and making a record—of the accuracy of your aircraft's VOR receivers. Provides space for test date, VOR used, your signature, and the degrees of deviation indicated for any of the five VOR check methods. Also shows maximum allowable for each method. Then you're given the date until which you can fly IFR legally without another VOR check and a note whether your VOR check is "O.K." or "Expired". AV145 $10

* AG131 Aviation special "package"

AV131A — If you select 10 or more Aviation programs: Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 15%!

AV131B — If you select 25 or more Aviation programs: Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 25%!