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Accounts receivable alert

Enter just two numbers a month to receive percentage collected during month, days outstanding average, and turnover. Also provides annual total and average figures. BU101 $12

Business budget "watchdog"

In addition to showing dollars and percentages over or under budget for month for each budget item, projects average, total, and dollars and percentage over or under budget for year. This allows for planning and changes while there's still time. Template can be used to produce as many budget items as wished. Final one can be utilized to summarize results of all items. BU102 $18

Business expense records + budget

As costs are recorded under each heading "division", these numbers are automatically calculated: Total cost to date for each heading division, total expenditure to date for all divisions, percentage each division is of total expenditure, and percentage each division and total budget are over or under budget. The amount going into savings, this percentage, and the percentage over or under budget are also provided. Result: At a glance, overall and specific financial status can be determined. Either dollar amounts by division or percentage of budget figures can also be graphed for enhanced illustrative purposes. Can be modified with additional item headings, too. And, by adding a column at left for ID purposes spreadsheet can substitute for General Ledger. BU103 $18

Business income and expense "Prophet"

Special records provide quick-scan details concerning income and expenses. Results are easy-to-view at top. Scroll down, then left for income breakdown entries, right for expense breakdown entries. Calculates for each breakdown: Amount to date, percentage of total this represents, average for month, and projected amount for entire year. "Summary" section at top left gives totals to date, average for month, and projections for year for income, expenses, and net income. Payoff: A clearer, truer picture of where income comes from and where expenses are going--plus overall financial condition. BU104 $18

Determine repayment capacity

This will help not only in learning how tenable present position is, but also in deciding whether more debt can be taken on. Trends can be determined over past years, and future status estimated. BU105 $12

Financial ratios for your business

Use these 24 economic ratios to take the financial pulse of your help you look at it as your banker does. Guidelines and remarks provide comments about what constitutes good and not-so-good ratios, and how your business is doing. BU106 $18

Foreign currency conversion.

Two methods for quickly and accurately converting dollars into foreign currency or foreign currency into dollars. As featured in Business Travel Management. BU107 $10

Poor man's General Ledger

May not do everything the expensive modules do, but effectively gets the primary job done--and can be modified as you wish. BU108 $12

Return on short-term investment

As an example, if your company has $40,000 that can be invested for several days or weeks, this will give you on both daily and complete term basis the potential money that can be earned by investing these surplus funds. BU109 $10

How to price the services of a one-man business or consultant

You key in the number of days or hours you wish to work annually or your tentative daily or hour rate, plus percentage profit desired on expenses and/or salary. You get total dollars including and not including salary, your break-even daily or hourly rate both including and not including salary, and the number of days or hours you must work annually to break-even, both including and not including salary you pay yourself. BU122 $18

Quick business thumbrules

Provides you with answers to five important questions: What is your break-even point in terms of unit of product or service time, what’s the most economical quantity of supplies to order, how fast can you grow your business, what will be the effect on profit from a specified percentage sales increase, and how much will sales have to increase in order to offset any discounts offered. BU124 $18

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Business database

Business-oriented data base to keep track of contacts, clients, potential customers.... Can sort for numerous criteria or find specific items. Especially good for sales departments. BU110 $12

Commercial truck costs

Calculates total annual costs and per mile costs of operation. Also figures fuel mileage and speedometer calibration. As featured in American Trucker. BU111 $10

Engine Health Records

For commercial truckers or firms with trucks, keeps records of oil analysis tests and compression checks, computes averages, helps alert to potential engine problems. As featured in Southern Motor Cargo. BU112 $10

Pricing group tours

Enables a travel agency to rapidly and accurately "cost" a domestic or foreign tour and so quite quickly determine per person price. As featured in Travel Weekly. BU113 $10

Conversions: U.S. to metric, metric to U.S.

Enables you to quickly convert from one to the other: Distance, square measure, cubic measure, avoirdupois measure, liquid measure, dry measure, temperature, and speeds. Also includes listing of metric tables for capacity, length, acres, and weight. BU116 $10

Business travel scheduler and expense record--by the week

Performs three tasks for your: 1. Lets you list all scheduled appointments and meetings, plus airline flights and times of departure and arrival and lodging, meal, and rental car reservations. 2. Allows you to precisely itemize each travel expense by day of the week, with headings for almost every conceivable business-related expense. 3. Automatically totals expenses for the week under various headings and overall total, then subtracts any cash advances made. Suggestion: Print out and leave one copy with your secretary (can also leave copy with spouse) and take one copy with you. During trip simply jot down expense details on it. On return to office, enter figures and info, and print out as needed. A real time- and hassle-saver. BU117 $16

Business travel scheduler and expense record--by the month.

Same as BU117 above, but enables you to work with an entire month of scheduling and expenses. BU118 $20

Frequent flyer record

For each of six airlines--and you can add more--has space for you to record date of flight; route description; class; purpose of flight; whether airline, rental car, or hotel credits; withdrawals; and mileage points earned for each flight. Summary for each airline shows your ID number, total mileage points earned, total withdrawals used, present available mileage points, and the surplus or deficit of present mileage points toward a goal you've set. BU119 $10

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Salesman analysis

Determines which salesman is most "efficient" by use of special ratio, plus listing and computation of total sales, amounts, expenses, and commissions, plus average sales. Designed by a non-salesman in order to help evaluate a sales staff more effectively. BU114 $10

Salesman comparisons

Compares each salesman's efforts against his past efforts by month or sales period, and also annually. Provides annual totals, average sales per month, and average percentage change two different ways. BU115 $10

Sales commission records

Itemizes every month for each salesman: Customers to which sales are made, description of sales, billing amounts, commissions (automatically calculated), dates collected, and dates commissions paid. Calculated each month for every individual salesman: Total billings for month, commission earned for month, and commission paid for month. For each month you also get these overall figures for all salesmen: Billings for month, commissions earned for month, and commissions paid for month. Also provides for year to date for each salesman: Total billings, commissions earned, and commissions paid. Finally, gives you for the year to date these totals for all salesmen: Commissions earned and commissions paid. BU120 $20

BU121 Business special "package"

BU121A—If you select 10 or more Business programs: Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 15%!

BU121B—If you select 20 or more Business programs: Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 25%!