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Advertising contracts

Month-by-month listing of ad contract space usage by clients, plus shows how much space each has used and amount remaining on contract. Also monthly usage. PUB101 $10

Circulation/renewal response

Shows all renewal percentages and money received for all subscription offer periods, and year comparisons, plus totals. Also gives renewal percentage by month. And, response to various mailing pieces is charted with percentage response. As featured in Circulation Management. PUB102 $12

Edit: Ad ratios

Type in number of ad pages and get low, medium, and high Edit:Ad ratio results for number of total pages, number of editorial pages, and number of sigs to print. PUB103 $10

Figure CPM changes

Instantly calculates Cost Per Thousand--and shows effect of any ad rate and/or circulation change. PUB104 $10

Printing estimates

Just enter four figures and get multiple price options for markups of from ten to 100 percent, plus total return and net return. PUB105 $10

Publication Profit/Loss

Your option whether to set up on cash or accrual basis. Shows you every item in your income and expense budget--calculates total income, expenses, net profit, and percentage profit per issue and then projects profit for entire year. Ditto projects each income and expense item for the year. PUB106

Quick-scan records ("Managing with micros")

Is an at-a-glance complete record of everything of concern to a publisher. Calculates per issue: Advertising dollars per page, advertising dollars per ad page, printing cost per page, printing cost per ad page. Provides annual totals and per issue averages for: Pages, ad pages, advertising dollars per page, advertising dollars per ad page, advertising gross, subscription gross, printing cost, printing cost per page, printing cost per ad page, number printed, number mailed, and postage costs. Also gives cumulative percentages: Ad pages to editorial pages, advertising gross to subscription gross, and printing cost to total gross. As featured in Magazine Design & Production. PUB107 $20

Subscription mailer cost

Aids in deciding which pieces are to be included in mailers based on costs. Easy to compare different mailers. Break-even costs given. Results area tabulated, too. As featured in Magazine Design & Production. PUB108 $12

Sales commission records

Itemizes ad space sales every month for each salesman: Customers to which sales are made, description of sales, billing amounts, commissions (automatically calculated), dates collected, and dates commissions paid. Calculated for you each month for every individual salesman: Total billings for month, commission earned for month, and commission paid for month. For each month you also get these overall figures for all salesmen: Billings for month, commissions earned for month, and commissions paid for moth. Also provides for year to date for each salesman: Total billings, commissions earned, and commissions paid. Finally, gives you for the year to date these totals for all salesmen: Commissions earned and commissions paid. PUB110 $20

PUB111 Publications special "package"

If you select all the Publications programs: Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 15%!

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Complete free-lance records

Designed by a free-lance writer for maintaining complete records of articles, titles, type of article, visuals included, publications to which submitted, dates sent, dates accepted, payment dates, dates returned, amounts received, expenses, remarks.... Can sort for many criteria, and arrange in any order, including dates sent out. PUB109 $10

How readable--and interesting--is your writing?

Adapted from the pace-setting work of Rudolf Flesch, lets you check how easy to read your writing is and also how interesting it is to readers--in short, how readable your writing is as compared to well-established standards. Gives you your reading ease and human interest scores. Also provides complete tables of reading ease and human interest itemizations and examples that enable you to realistically pinpoint how your writing rates. PUB112 $12