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Answers to your questions about these "Productivity Programs"

Q:  What are they?

A:  They’re spreadsheet template programs. In other words, they operate on the foundation of your existing spreadsheet software.

Q:   Will they run on Windows 95/98 or Mac OS9 or....?

A:  These programs will run on whatever operating system your IBM-compatible or Macintosh spreadsheet software presently operates under—and whatever the spreadsheet or integrated package with spreadsheet module you’re running and regardless of version number.

Q:  What if I change spreadsheet software?

A:  No problem, because these template programs run on any spreadsheet software.

Q:   What, I don’t have to learn how to use another program?

A:  Basically all you have to know how to do is open your spreadsheet software, scroll, and type in numbers where indicated.

Q:   Does this mean these programs are easy to use?

A:  Even easier, because the first thing you see each time you open a template program is an example that you can refer to at any time.

Q:   What if I want to change something, say a heading?

A:  That’s one of the beauties of a spreadsheet template program. You can modify headings, copy, cut, paste, add columns or rows, delete columns or rows....

Q:   Do you offer support?

A:  Yes. However, our programs are so easy to use that the most often asked question we field is "If these programs are any good, how can they be so inexpensive?" The answer is, of course, that because they utilize your existing spreadsheet software there’s no expensive computer programming involved.