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Automobile operating costs records

Complete records system. Operating costs: Date, mileage, ID (for rapid finding or sorting), expenditure description, and cost. Fuel: Date, mileage, cost, gallons, and MPG for each tank. Overall: Total operating expenses, fuel expenses, gallons of fuel used, all costs, and actual cost per mile of operation for the period to date. PE101 $12

Car operating costs

Provides you with total annual costs and per mile costs of operation, including depreciation and finance interest at your option, plus gas mileage and speedometer calibration. As featured in Hands On. PE102 $10

Decide whether to fix up your old car or buy another

Gives you all factors involved in comparing side-by-side: Keeping your present automobile, purchasing another used automobile, and purchasing a new automobile, including repairs and renovations. Gives you figures for total cost of ownership, cost per year, and cost per mile. PE111 $12

Should you lease or buy your next car?

More and more people are leasing automobiles as car makers set up more attractive leasing programs. Evaluation gives you cost of lease (discounted), cost of purchase (discounted), and the difference between the two costs—which shows you which method is most economical for you. PE126 $14

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Everything you ever wanted in a family budget

Has for each item in your budget: Space to record info and dates of income and expenses, calculates for period total income and expenses, balance for period, projected balance for year, amount over or under budget, percentage over or under budget, and cumulative balance over several years. Also gives total income and expense amounts for period, plus balance for period and cumulative balance. PE103 $18

Expense Records + Budget

As costs are recorded under each heading "division", these numbers are automatically calculated: Total cost to date for each heading division, total expenditure to date for all divisions, percentage each division is of total expenditure, and percentage each division and total budget are over or under budget. Also calculates the amount going into savings, this percentage, and the percentage over or under budget. Result: At a glance, overall and specific financial status can be determined. Either dollar amounts by division or percentage of budget figures can also be graphed for enhanced illustrative purposes. Can be modified with additional item headings, too. And, by adding a column at left for ID purposes, spreadsheet can substitute for General Ledger. PE104 $18

Home budget "watchdog"

In addition to showing dollars and percentages over or under budget per budget item for month, projects average, total, and dollars and percentages over or under budget for year. As featured in Hands On. PE105 $18

Personal income and expense "Prophet"

Special records provide quick-scan details concerning income and expenses. Results are easy-to-view at top. Scroll down, then left for income breakdown entries, right for expense breakdown entries. Calculates for each breakdown: Amount to date, percentage of total this represents, average for month, and projected amount for entire year. "Summary" section at top left gives totals to date, average for month, and projections for year for income, expenses, and net income. Payoff: A clearer, truer picture of where income comes from and where expenses are going--plus overall financial condition. Excellent for small business or business operated part-time. PE106 $18

Maintain checkbook record

You don't need an expensive program with which to keep your checkbook up-to-date. Provides all information of a check stub ledger, plus totals your deposits, payments, fees, and balances for the year to date, in addition to overall balance. Also provides number of deposits, payments, fees, and total transactions for year to date. PE110 $15

Frequent flyer record

For each of six airlines--and you can add more--has space for you to record date of flight; route description; class; purpose of flight; whether airline, rental car, or hotel credits; withdrawals; and mileage points earned for each flight. Summary for each airline shows your ID number, total mileage points earned, total withdrawals used, present available mileage points, and the surplus or deficit of present mileage points toward a goal you've set. PE113 $10

Medical expenses record

Use to record health expenses for up to eight doctors, three hospitals, three drug stores, two eyeglass stores, and two dentists. For each provider you can record date, date insurance claim submitted, date insurance claim paid, person involved, and expense. Total amount to date is automatically calculated for each provider. Total expenses and percentages of grand total are given for doctors, dentists, hospitals, eyeglass stores, and prescriptions. Grand total, total insurance payments made to you, and total less insurance payments are automatically computed. PE114 $12

Credit card "insurance"

Let's you build a data base list of your credit cards. In addition to record purposes, you can print out and take copies on trips, leave at office and/or with spouse in case your credit cards are lost so companies can be immediately notified. PE115 $10

Health scorecard

First, allows you to keep a record of cholesterol levels, HDL cholesterol (the "good" cholesterol), triglycerides, and the current recommended alert levels for both. Then program calculates for you after you enter blood test figures: Amount above or below cholesterol alert level, percentage higher or lower since last test, your cholorestrol situation, ratio of HDL cholesterol to total cholesterol, ratio situation, amount above or below triglyceride alert level, percentage higher or lower since last test, and your triglyceride situation. Bonus: For each food serving can give you total calories derived from fat and percentage of total calories are from fat. PE117 $10

Marking time....

How much time—figured in total weeks, months, even years—do you or will you spend shaving, driving to work, washing dishes, going to committee meetings, at your computer keyboard...? Here’s how to pin down some figures that may amaze you. The results probably won’t cause change your life style, but then again they may. But, be prepared for some surprises. PE119 $10

How to figure out your financing details

Using this program you’ll be able to calculate monthly payments, your remaining loan balance, the amounts paid for interst and principal this payment, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) or true loan rate, difference between APR and state loan rate, and the number of payments you need to repay loan if you add a specified additional amount to each payment. PE120 $18

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Stock and/or mutual fund investment portfolio log

Updates portfolio value and other values whenever new prices, etc. are entered. Gives for each stock or fund: Dates; number of shares bought, sold, and owned; average price paid; commissions paid; total investment; dividends paid to date; value of shares in dollars; value today; percentage total dividends paid; capital gain or loss percentage to date; average annual percentage dividends to date; and average annual capital gain or loss to date--plus total portfolio value. PE107 $16

Determine intrinsic value of a stock

A rapid method of calculating this factor in aiding decision of whether to buy or sell a particular stock. PE112 $10

How much can you save by paying off a mortgage early

Tells you the effect of making additional payments or adding a certain amount to your regular payments. Gives you the number of months of payments needed to pay off mortgage early, how much interest you save, and how much this helps if your income decreases. PE124 $14

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Calculate your rec vehicle operating costs

Some possible surprises you your cost per mile of operation, with the option of including depreciation and interest cost of money. Also calculates gas mileage and calibrates speedometer. As featured in Family Motor Coaching. PE108 $12

Convert foreign currency

Here are two fast methods to quickly and accurately convert dollars into foreign currency or foreign currency into dollars. As featured in Business Travel Management. PE109 $10

PE116 Personal special "package"

If you select 10 or more Personal programs: Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 15%!