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Golf records

Monitor progress of your game by following this easy-to-keep records. Provides numerous comparisons and averages, and a complete record of your game over the years. SP101 $10

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Moving game leads

Type in one number, velocity of your firearm's cartridge, and table shows lead in feet to allow at yardages of from ten to 400 yards with game moving ten to 50 M.P.H. Excellent review in preparation for hunting season. SP102 $12

Recoil determination

In a few seconds you can calculate foot/pounds of recoil of any handgun, rifle, or shotgun--and see the effect of changing bullet, powder, and/or gun weight. SP103 $10

Relative stopping power

Computations allow you to quickly figure the stopping power of any handloaded or commercial handgun or rifle cartridge. As featured in Police Marksman. SP104 $10

Shooting records

Provides for all types of target shooting a record of scores that calculate average and standard deviation for year, comparisons of raw scores and percentages to best ever, plus best all-time scores and dates. As featured in Police Marksman. SP105 $10


For handguns and rifles does many jobs only a "language" program could previously do: 1. Provides trajectories and bullet drop for any given cartridge from 50 to 400 yards. 2. Gives remaining velocity at any range. 3. Shows wind drift at any range. 4. Lets you obtain specific information for any range, such as 241 yards.... 5. Gives you option of converting for temperature and altitude--which can affect bullet drop a surprising amount. 6. Makes sighting in a breeze, thanks to special column that enables you to precisely pinpoint where bullet first crosses line of sight going "up" on its route downrange. SP106 $18

What's best rifling twist rate

The longer the bullet, the faster it must spin in order to be stabilized. You provide bullet length and diameter to immediately get optimum rifling twist rate. SP109 $10

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Basketball scorer

Computerizes--and speeds--compilation of all game stats. Provides totals and percentages by player, and by team, for both home team and opponent, for two-point field goals, three-point field goals, total field goals, free throws total points, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, assists, charges, recoveries, blocked shots, turnovers, personal fouls, and number of quarters played, plus other information. SP108 $12

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Running records

For all distances you run, provides record of "Personal Best" (time, average minutes per mile, and year), best in current year (time, average minutes per mile, and percentage compared to "PB"), and ditto time from latest run, plus "PB" all distances by year, plus all totals and averages by year for as long as you run. Designed--and used--by a runner who's completed four marathons. SP107 $12

SP108 Sports special "package"

If you select all the Sports programs: Just add prices from price sheet then deduct 15%!