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Alfalfa stands*

How to practically determine when it's time to replace an old stand of alfalfa with a new seeding.  AG109 $10

Forage RFV*

Sets a standard for forage quality that anyone can use. Especially useful for those who buy and/or sell forage. Provides objective appraisal of subjective situation. AG110 $10

Justifying indoor hay storage*

Helps you determine if investing in inside hay storage will pay off through lessened field spoilage. AG111 $10

What hay is really worth*

Tells you much your hay is worth per ton based on your current cost of supplement and hay protein content.  AG146 $10

Can you afford to build a barn for hay storage?*

You set up to five different hay prices per ton, then note the number of tons you annually produce, proposed cost of the barn, and estimated extra value a ton and increased volume of hay you have to sell due to less shrinkage. You get average additional return a year you can expect due to constructing the barn and number of years needed to pay off the structure. AG182 $10

Evaluate hay "sense-ibly"

Here’s how to judge your hay using your hands, nose, and eyes. Use this special hay judging form as the sole evaluation of your hay—or better yet—in conjuction with a chemical analysis. Provides both a classification rank and a numerical score. AG183 $10

* Hay special "package"

AG109 Alfalfa stands, AG110 Forage RFV, AG111 Justifying indoor hay storage, AG146 What hay is really worth, AG182 Can you afford to build a barn for hay storage?, and AG183 Evaluate hay "sense-ibly".  Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 30%! AG147