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AI breeding and technician records for dairy and beef cattle

Pinpoints conception rates by service for up to five services and totals for different technicians and sires. Also gives total conception rates by technician and sire considering all breedings. Gives you an indication of sire fertility and/or technician expertise.  AG137 $16

Calculate gestation and other important dates

In addition to gestation, illustrates with a farrowing operation how a management schedule and reminder system can be set up using a spreadsheet. AG138 $10

Use heritabilities to speed genetic improvement

Lets you determine how much a potential breeding animal will improve its offspring, what this amounts to in dollar value, and the dollar value return during its reproductive life. Tables provide the heritabilities of all the most common economic and conformation traits of dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, and sheep.  AG139 $10

Determine pasture carrying capacity and stocking rate

No more guessing--Lets you precisely calculate how many head your pasture will support, and if supplemental feed is needed how much. Covers most types of pasture, especially in Corn Belt and Great Plains. Program is even more valuable in a drought year. AG140 $16


Provides several ways to calculate shrinkage of livestock so there are no surprises when cattle, hogs, or lambs are sold. AG141 $10

Update Pearson Square

Computer usage modernizes the old standby for calculating rations for livestock.  AG142 $10

Pasture rotation records

Is a simplified way to not only keep posted on what group or groups of cattle you have in what pasture or pastures, but also other vital information. For each pasture, provides two dates to "work" cattle and date to take out. Summary at end of each pasture grazing period gives you number of days utilized, acres per animal, average gain per head, and average gain per day. AG155 $16

Set pasture rental rates

Plug in prices you receive for corn, hay, and/or finished cattle and read typical pasture rental rates per animal per month, total for each animal annually, annual cost per acre, and total cost for your herd. Also can provide suggestion based on cost of land when used for improved, non-rotated pastures. AG176 $10