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Farm balance sheet*

Set up for use by just about all farm and ranch operations in the country. Has the details ag bankers demand. Also contains the six most important ag financial health ratios to help pinpoint financial status.  AG112 $15

Farm budget*

This special ag budget provides for each item in your budget: Dollars spent to date, percentage of total expenditures, amount over or under budget, percentage over or under budget, and amount over or under budget projected for year--plus total costs and itemization of each expense by description, date, and amount. AG113 $18

Farm cash flow*

Two complete cash flow setups, one for estimated cash flow and one for actual cash flow. A unique intertwining provides up-to-the minute status and how much the percentages and actual returns and costs are varying from estimated. Monthly and yearly breakdowns are given. AG114 $24

Farm income statement*

Especially designed for farmers and ranchers, this form can be As featured in almost every agricultural operation, from family farm to corporation. It contains the information ag bankers look for. Also includes an easily used inventory change calculation.  AG115 $12

Figure repayment capacity*

This will help not only in determining how tenable present position is, but also in deciding whether more debt can be taken on. Trends can be determined over past years, and future status estimated. AG116 $12

Financial ratios for your farm*

Here are 24 ratios to help you determine the health of your farming operation. Use as "ammunition" for talks with your banker. Guidelines and remarks are also given for most of the ratios--what's considered good and not-so-good. AG117 $18

* Farm management special "package"

AG112 Farm balance sheet, AG113 Farm budget, AG114 Farm cash flow, AG115 Farm income statement, AG116 Figure repayment capacity, and AG117 Financial ratios for your farm Just add prices from price sheet—then deduct 30%! AG118

Farm expense record + budget

Can be used for "general" type recordings such as "Crop expenses" or for more specific records such as all the breakdown expenses in producing a single crop or livestock enterprise.... As each expense is recorded in correct column, it's totaled in its column and added to total expense figure, and percentage of total expense is also shown. Also given is percentage + or - for each expense column compared to budgeted amount, plus total budgeted amount and total budget. Can easily help keep you on track. AG119 $18

Complete income & expense breakdowns by crop

Let's you precisely pinpoint most profitable crop overall, per acre, or per unit (bushel, cwt., etc.), both with and without ASCS payments considered. You input total patronage income and overhead expenses, plus for each crop: Number of acres, units produced, income, ASCS payment and production expenses. You get total: Crop income and per acre, total ASCS payments and per acre, total income and per acre, total expenses and per acre, total farm net and per acre, and total farm net without ASCS payments and per acre--plus these for each crop: Income per acre, ASCS payment per acre, production expenses per acre, net, net per acre, return on production investment, percentage of total farm net, and net with no ASCS payment and per acre. Illustrates five crops and one livestock grazing enterprise for ten years of records. Really shows you where your net is coming from and what enterprise or enterprises to emphasize. AG168 $18

Break-even crop analysis

Do you know what it's costing you per unit and/or per acre to produce your various crops? After you key in some figures, first provides you with your total cost and your cost per acre for each expense item. You also get totals and per acre figures for all production costs, other costs, and total costs. There are two vital "bottom lines": The number of units (bushels, hundredweights, tons, etc.) per acre you need to break-even and the price per unit you need to break-even. AG169 $18

Cost to produce one unit

Here's a fast, accurate way to calculate your exact costs for growing any crop. Gives your gross cost to produce one unit (bushel, hundredweight, ton, etc.), net cost, your total gross cost, and your total net cost--plus you have the option of including or excluding debt service. (Net cost deducts value of government payments and crop residue.) AG170 $16

Where to market grain

Answers question to the penny: "Will it pay me to truck my grain to a terminal where per bushel prices are generally higher throughout the year or continue hauling grain to my local elevator?"  AG120 $10

Hold or sell grain?

Answers "What price do I need to make money holding my grain until after the first of the year or...? Gives per unit (bushel or hundredweight) and total costs for storage and interest, plus profit or loss per unit, per month, and total amount. Can aid in using futures market, too. AG121 $12

Farm truck costs

Precisely figures the costs per mile of operating a pickup or truck. Also provides for calculating gas mileage and calibrating speedometer.  AG122 $10

Six ways to set up crop rental agreements

Every landlord-tenant arrangement is different, with special requirements and/or needs. Here are six different methods you can use to calculate the best solution for your particular situation. AG150 $14

Net worth plus reconciliation

Not only lets you calculate your net worth, but also allows you to see the improvement or lack thereof for each entry itemized, plus the overall difference between yearly totals, too. AG156 $10

Quick farm land purchase evaluation

Intended to be a fast and approximate method to aid in determining if purchasing farmland will pay--and to aid you in calculating rough cash flow needs. Provides principal and interest per acre per year, including amount needed to save for later "balloon" payment; positive or negative cash flow per acre per year from purchase; and total dollars positive or negative cash flow from purchase per year. AG161 $12

Crop owner/tenant analysis

A total menu-driven program for ease of use. Analyzes crop budgets on a total farm basis, looking at return per acre for owner or tenant or both. Has great flexibility in handling both cash rent or rent shares. Section on overhead costs is available to use to add fixed costs on a whole farm basis, while entering variable costs on a crop-by-crop basis. Customized printouts can be built on farms with more than four crop situations to analyze. Program also has fixed printouts. Has been used extensively in farm management analysis.

Note: Offered only for IBM and compatibles. 640k minimum RAM required. Designed to run on 286 AT type computers or higher. Will also run on 8088 type machines, but more slowly. AGl65 $40

Ravages of inflation

If the price you received for, say, corn in 1976 was $2.32 a bushel, what price would you have to get in today’s dollars to equal the same buying paid $34,600 for a tractor in 1980, so what should a similar tractor really be selling for today in "inflated" dollars...? The annual inflation rates for every year from 1950 to the present are listed. Using program, for any commodity, equipment, product, or service you easily calculate deflated value, cumulative percentage of inflation, equivalent original value, difference between actual and equivalent value by year, and cumulative total. Program is a real eye-opener! AG180 $14

Detailed field harvest records (a.k.a. "Keep the landlord happy")

Be able to immediately after harvesting a field or farm quickly and easily learn all the important details about yields with all possible breakdowns—and to really impress a landlord by providing him with such a detailed printout even the same day. Gives you for entire farm: Total acres, total bushels, average yield per acre, number of net bushels landlord has to market, and number of net bushels you have. For each of up to ten fields you get total yield and average yield. In each field you can record for each of up to 50 loads the date delivered to elevator or bin, truck ID, where delivered or stored, gross and empty truck weights, moisture percentage, and dockage percentage. Calculated for you for each load are grain weight, shrunk grain weight, amount of dockage, net grain weight, and number of bushels. Note: This program incorporates the ideas of a number of farmers who have requested this particular program to not only obtain more complete records, but also as a means of keeping landlords better informed—and satisfied. AG181 $16

Determine what crop insurance protection will cost

Sets up a worksheet that calucates your premium cost per acre after you indicate yield average, percentage level you wish, and your price election. AG184 $10

Still more keep the landlord happy

Invaluable in both keeping a landlord satisfied and in keeping track of dollar inputs by both tenant and landlord. First part allows tenant to record number of field trips of every possible operation, the cost an acre, and for which crop—including set aside—and season completed. It also provides for the cost of other items such as hauling grain to either the elevator or to a farm bin, even spraying fence rows and mowing ditches. You get total costs by crop for spring and fall seasons, totals by crop, totals by season, and overall total. Second part allows you to by farm to pinpoint chemical usage totals and costs. For each chemical you get the gallons applied, cost an acre, and cost for the farm, plus overall total by farm. Note: For both parts you can indicate the percentage both tenant and landlord are to pay and have these amounts calculated. Or, with no landlord payments to be made, program can still be most helpful to you due to the way it breaks down, itemizes, and totals your field operation and chemical costs. AG185 $14

Grain inventory records

For your entire operation gives for each of up to ten farms (or fields or separate entities) the total bushels of crop; where stored; for each marketing you make the date, price, and number of bushels sold; bushels then remaining and percentage sold; and average price. Overall farm summation totals number of bushels you've sold, dollar amount, bushels remaining, percentage remaining, and your average price to date—plus facility to plug in a price for your remaining bushels to obtain potential dollar sales remaining and average price. AG188 $16