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Compare and select most profitable crop

Enables you to realistically compare all the crops you can raise on your farm. All possible return and expense items are included. Three "ranges" provide you with typical, worst case, and best possible scenarios. Both with and without debt service results are given, plus both with number of years needed to pay off land purchase. (This is different from "Crop returns", which is designed to help a farmer with few records determine costs and returns of a single crop.) It's something every farmer can use--and which no doubt will cause you some surprises!  AG101 $18

Crop returns

Calculates net profit per acre and for farm by either of two methods: if per acre costs are known or not known. Also gives number of years needed to pay off land investment with or without interest considered.  AG102 $12

Determine fertilizer payback

Answers completely: At what point does adding additional fertilizer pay or not pay? Gives extra gross and net returns per acre and per field, net profit per pound of fertilizer, cost per pound of fertilizer, and net return per $1 of fertilizer. Five or more different applications can be compared side-by-side.  AG103 $12

Fertilizer element cost breakdowns

Provides cost of any element, such as nitrogen, per pound, per ton, per acre, and per field as applied, plus cost of total fertilizer, such as 11-46-12, per pound, per acre, and per field. AG104 $12

Set up and check test plots

Helps you determine how much space you need for comparison plots--then how to determine your results at harvest. Also provides yield as-harvested, on a dry matter basis, and converted to your choice of moisture content.  AG105 $10

Seeding rate information

Three rowcrop calculations--plus wheat "special": #1 lets you "plug in" germination to arrive at an adjusted seeding rate per acre based on number of "good" seeds. #2 puts seeding rate into "real world". Takes into consideration assumed or tag percentage germination vs. actual germination and also lets you estimate seedling mortality. Gives you true adjusted seeding rate per acre, seeds per foot of row, and pounds of seed needed per acre. #3 is when you want a specified number of plants per acre. You have the option of whether or not to estimate seedling mortality. Provides pounds of seed per acre to plant, seed per foot of row, and seeding rate per acre. Additional wheat module allows you to calculate number of kernels per bushel and weight of 1,000 kernels in grams.  AG106 $10

Accurately determine yield of any crop

Allows you to calculate quite precisely how much your crops yield. Excellent for comparing different varieties, fertilization, and chemical applications, and for use in check plots. You can obtain units (bushels, hundredweights, etc.) per acre at field moisture, strictly dry matter basis, and at any moisture content you specify. Can be used with almost every crop.  AG107 $10

Wheat yield estimate

Lets you predict eventual yields weeks before harvest, and so decide if damaged crop is worth harvesting and also if storage needs are sufficient. Designed to be used only with wheat.  AG108 $10

Calculate storage capacities, harvest losses, and populations

This is the easy way to determine shelled corn and ear corn crib and bin capacities, plus bushels in piled shelled or ear corn. Also allows you to calculate field losses of ear corn, shelled corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum. Lets you estimate growing plant populations, too.  AG148 $15

Applications reporter

Designed to meet the requirements of the new chemical reporting regulations. Helps you track all chemical and fertilizer applications and aids in preparing necessary reports. Set up on a field basis. In "Chemicals" section are 31 items that you have the option of listing for up to eight different applications annually. Under "Fertilizer" section are 28 items that you can list for up to eight different applications annually. In addition, you can itemize complete soil test and tissue test analysis results for up to five samples each per field, plus soil test and tissue test recommendations. Program also gives you gross return/acre, total gross return, total chemical cost/field, total application cost/field, percentage chemical cost is of gross, percentage application cost is of gross, total fertilizer cost/field, total application cost/field, percentage fertilizer cost is of gross, and percentage application cost is of gross. (Note: you may also want to consider ordering AG145 Calibrate sprayers the easy way.) AG178 $40