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Adjust beef cattle weaning and yearling records easily

Allows you to quickly adjust weights for age, sex, and age of dam to Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) standards, or to the standards of your particular breed. AG123 $10

Beef cowherd costs and returns

Completely covers all sources of income and expenses. Gives net income per cow, per calf marketed, and for herd, plus calf break-even price needed. Also has similar breakdowns for income and expenses. Additional feature: Calculates number of replacements needed annually.  AG124 $16

Beef cow value

How much money an individual beef cow will make--or lose--in her lifetime can be predicted. Particularly helpful when deciding which cow or cows or heifers to buy. Also considers heritabilities for weaning weight and yearling weight for several generations.  AG125 $12

Beef sire worth

The bull is half the herd, and this aids in determining which bull or bulls to buy based on their performance test information. Takes into account heritabilities for weaning weight and yearling weight for several generations.  AG126 $12

Cattle finishing break-even

Provides calculations to enable cattleman to determine just where his break-even point or points lie. Allows pinpointing of potential profit or loss before cattle are bought or placed in lot. Also provides information for possible hedging.  AG127 $14

Feedlot costs

Takes into consideration costs of finishing beef cattle in the feedlot. Can be used to supplement "Retained ownership", too. Can also be utilized to compare different commercial feedlots to find best deal.  AG128 $10

Keep heifers or buy cows?

Especially valuable now that the nation's beef herd is once again expanding. Helps resolve question of whether cattleman should keep back more of his own replacement heifers or buy cows. Financial considerations are more than you might think.  AG129 $10

Purebred cow price

Aids potential bidder at sale in deciding how much he can afford to pay for an animal. AG130 $10

Retained ownership

Also much in the news now. More and more cattlemen who have developed superior performance-tested cattle are thinking about retaining their ownership through the finishing phase, and so reap the further rewards of the superiority of their breeding efforts. Helps determine if retained ownership will or won't pay. AG131 $10

Multibreed rotation records

Untangles the potential snarls of readily knowing breeding composition of each animal and the breed of the next bull to use on any heifer or cow. Shows next breed with which to cross for every female. Also provides total numbers of each breed combination in your herd, cows numbers, number of females to be bred by a bull of each breed used in your rotational crossing program, plus breed percentage makeup of each animal. Can be used in two-, three-, and four-breed rotational crossbreeding systems. AG154 $16

Beef cattle breeding and calf records

A complete records system--with alert date reminders--for practical usage in any registered or commercial herd. Provides for each individual cow record: Cow ID; ID of bull to which bred; breeding date; heat date alert for 18 days, 21 days, and 24 days after breeding; date alert for pregnancy check; date alerts for ten days before calving due date, calving date (you have the option of setting gestation period length), and ten days past due date; actual calving date, calf ID, alert dates for first and second "workings", vaccinations, etc.; weaning date; age in days at weaning; sex of calf; and for both bull calves and heifer calves birth difficulty score, birth weight, actual weaning weight, and adjusted weaning weight. Also gives you these herd averages for both bulls and heifers: Calving difficulty score, birth weight, actual weaning weight, and adjusted weaning weight. AG157 $20

Tracking bull test records

Records system that can be used with one breed on a single farm or ranch or with a multibreed testing operation. Provides for each individual bull on test: Bull ID, registration or other ID number, sire, dam, breed, date of birth, birth weight, adjusted weaning weight, actual yearling weight, weight at start of test, weight at first test weighing, pounds gain per day in that period, final test weight, gain on test, pounds of gain per day on test, ADG ratio, pounds per day of age, WDA ratio, adjusted yearling weight, AYW ratio, and conformation score. Gives these test averages: Starting weight, gain on test, gain to first weighing, gain per day to second weighing, gain per day on test, weight per day of age, adjusted yearling weight, and conformation score. $16 AG160 $16

Special cattle break-even

A thorough, total menu-driven program for ease of use. Calculates break-even for finishing cattle in a feedyard. Also incorporates option strategies to give best case and worst case examples. Program also analyzes pasture cattle break-evens from four different perspectives: $/head/season basis, $/cwt. basis, cost of gain basis, and $/head/day basis. Can transfer pasture cattle break-even results to a feedyard situation on a retained ownership basis. This compares whether to sell as feeders or feed out. Program has been tested and used extensively in cattle feeding industry.

Note: Offered only for IBM and compatibles. 512k minimum RAM required. Hard disk desirable, but not required. AG166 $40

"Across-breed" final EPD adjustments

Normally the EPDs you get on your beef bulls allow you to compare performance only on bulls within your one breed. Using this program, though, you can compare the "across-breed" EPDs of up to 20 bulls of any one of the dozen most popular beef breeds at a single time. The result is that you can see for any bull both his breed EPDs and his "across-breed" EPDs. You're also provided with the overall herd average "across-breed" EPDs for BW, WW, YW, Maternal WW, and Maternal Milk of the bulls you list. And, a special section allows you to easily compare "across-breed" EPDs of a bull of Breed "A" to a bull of Breed "B". AG186 $14

Track beef breeding stock sales

For one breed or a multi-breed operation, allows you to record all pertinent marketing information: Purchaser's name, address, phone, date purchased, amount, animal ID, registration number, breed, sex, sire, dam, color, H/P/Sc, birth date, calving difficulty score, WW, YW, frame score, growth EPDs, maternal EPDs, veterinarian doing semen check and date, bull test station location, #/ADG, #/PDA, rank by breed and overall at test station, remarks, and miscellaneous. You can also record if animal is a club calf steer. For each year, you also get number of bulls sold and their average price, number of heifers sold and their average price, and number of club calves sold and their average price. Note that as most of the leading spreadsheets also provide a database function, with them you'll be able to "find" and "sort" this information as with a regular database. AG187 $14