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"Chet Peterson's Spreadsheet
Programs for Aviation"

by Chester Peterson Jr. (Second edition)

Soft cover, 118 pages

$19.95 (Shipping and handling free!)

"The programs are well thought out...considering the prices, these are pretty good covering as much ground as they do, the programs offer a real insight...and they provide an excellent modeling tool for making decisions...the Sunshine programs are well worth it."—The Aviation Consumer’s, comment on the 44 computer spreadsheet template programs developed by Sunshine Unlimited. The most useful and popular 30 programs are each given a chapter in this book.

Chet Peterson's Spreadsheet Programs for Aviation shows computer do-it-yourselfers how to quickly and easily construct their own aviation programs through use of spreadsheet templates.

A template program is a specially-produced, ready-to-work "pattern" that's built on the foundation of the commercial spreadsheet software the user most likely already owns.

The Second Edition contains 30 chapters, including five new chapters, each of which completely covers one unique aviation program for usage with spreadsheets.

Every chapter also includes a sample spreadsheet a la what the user will see on his or her monitor, and the cell-by-cell formulas and text to be keyed in. The time required to do the entering averages only 15 to 30 minutes for most programs.

The book's programs are designed to fill real life niches and needs—and for which in almost every instance no other computer programs have ever been developed.

The 30 aviation programs cover economics (cost of flying, expense records, budget, whether to fix up present plane or buy another, best rental deal, justifying new avionics, determining cost of a new rating, etc.), flight planning, logbooks, currency and due date reminders, maintenance records, powerplant health, effective performance, greater efficiency, pilot improvement, Koch chart, density altitude, weight and balance, pinpointing effective cruise, safety....

These programs were developed to aid in helping the user make decisions...increase efficiency...enhance a better pilot...." explains the author, Chester Peterson Jr., a pilot of 42 years.

Cost of the book is only $19.95, which includes shipping and handling, or less than 67˘ a program.

Note: All 30 of the programs are also available ready-to-use on a CD for just $99.95 (Indicate PC or Macintosh). The combination of book and diskette of programs is $109.95.


Remember, shipping and handling are free!