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"American Farm Tractors of the 1960s"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Rod Beemer

$29.95 (Shipping and handling free!)
Hardbound, 160 pages, 150 color and 50 B&W images

Forget about hippies and plow under flower power with this 300-horsepower all-wheel-drive look at the farm tractors of the 1960s. Tune into this account of how the tractor was transformed from a mild-mannered replacement for the draft horse into a high-powered, self-contained work center.

Each manufacturer’s response to the challenges of the era is explored in depth with thoroughly researched text covering the hallmark machines built by Deere & Company, International, Ford, Allis-Chalmers, Massey-Ferguson, Oliver, Minneapolis-Moline, and even Big Bud, Versatile, and Wagner.

Enjoy the archival photographs and the gorgeous color images of the 142 tractors that were lovingly photographed.

So, spin up the turbo, lock into all-wheel-drive, and shift into high gear to take a high-horsepower tour of these increasingly collectible tractors of the 1960s.

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"Ford N-Series Tractors"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Rod Beemer

$35.95 (Shipping and handling free!) (Third printing)

Hardbound, 128 pages, 200 color and 10 B&W images

"The best book I've seen yet on Ford tractors."—Jim Ferguson, Secretary/Treasurer, Ford/Fordson Collectors Association.

This the first book to zero in exclusively on the great N-Series Ford-Ferguson and Ford tractors that revolutionized the tractor industry when they were introduced in 1939. The three-point hitch you see on every tractor in the world today originated with this tractor.

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"Ford Tractor Implements"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Rod Beemer

$54.95 (Shipping and handling free!)

Soft cover, 128 pages, 80 color and 40 B&W images

"Deeply researched...great detail...great guide."—Palmer Fossum, noted Ford Restorer, collector, and authority.

"A must-have book for Ford tractor enthusiasts! As an owner of a Ford 8N tractor who’s seriously considering a major restoration, this book has been a major source of inspiration. Fully packed with high-quality color photographs, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the important details one should consider when buying or restoring a Ford N-Series tractor. Especially revealing are the charts outlines correct paint and trim details, including correct decal interesting read...this work meets an important need."—North Carolina reader.

"This books was a great buy. It has great info about the models, specs, restoration, and even Funk and Sherman stuff."—Illinois reader.

"The book is well-written. It contains many high quality detailed photographs for use in identifying variants of the N-series tractors. A must for collectors and restorers."—Iowa reader.

Here’s the entire story behind the most popular farm implement system, the one that truly revolutionized agriculture via the ingenious Ferguson three-point hitch. Immaculately restored tractors are shown in exquisite detail, with text, charts, and listings that cover the mechanical features. This is invaluable information for collectors, restorers, historians, and those who just flat love this venerable and useful tractor.

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"John Deere New Generation Tractors"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Rod Beemer
(Second printing)

$21.95 (Shipping and handling free!)

Soft cover, 128 pages, 80 color and 40 B&W images

"I could not put it down...."—Danny Gleason, retired John Deere engineer.

The John Deere New Generation tractor wasn't evolutionary—it was revolutionary in almost every aspect.

Here’s the detailed history of the these tractors that took the industry by surprise and that helped catapult Deere & Company to the No. 1 spot it still holds.

The many beautiful color photographs illustrate the first 3010, 4010, 7020, and 8010/8020 ever to roll off the assembly line.

You'll read about the developmental secrecy that rivaled the Manhattan Project, how John Deere developed the first really safe roll-over protection, the quietest tractor cab in history, how President John F. Kennedy’s personal doctor was intimately involved in developing the most comfortable tractor seat yet.

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"Inside John Deere: A Factory History"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Rod Beemer

$24.95 (Shipping and handling free!)

Hardbound, 128 pages, 80 color and 40 B&W images

"A meticulously researched work"—Mike Mack, retired PEC Director, Deere & Company.

This exclusive history explores how "Big Green" has grown from its early days of forging plows to the modern era of computer-aided design and assembly. It literally takes you inside the major factories that produce John Deere tractors, combines, and implements.

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"Minneapolis-Moline Farm Tractors"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Rob Beemer

$191.95 (Shipping and handling included)

Hardbound, 138 pages, more than 80 color and 40 B&W images

This book is the foremost historical reference on these magnificent tractors and the company that produced them. A clear lineage is established of the evolution of the Minneapolis-Moline organization from the early pre-M-M days up through 1972 when the last tractors carrying the M-M logo rolled out of the White Motor Corporation factory. M-M "Prairie Gold" powerhouses dominated the agricultural market for more than 40 years.

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"Vintage Allis-Chalmers Tractors"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Lynn Grooms
Foreword by noted humorist Roger Welsch

$112.95 (Shipping and handling included)

Hardbound, 160 pages, 125 color and 26 B&W images, plus vibrant period advertising artwork and many illustrations.

This book is, "The ultimate tribute to Allis-Chalmers tractors." It's as rich in Allis-Chalmers' history as the orange paint that graced these farm tractors for nearly six decades. From its beginnings in the farm equipment business in 1914 to its rise as the third largest tractor producer in sales in 1936 and then for years later A-C was known for its innovations in design, sales, and distribution.

The book provides a detailed background of the Allis-Chalmers legacy. It covers all models from 1914 on, including the Monarch and Advance-Rumely models. Also discussed are A-C's various acquisitions and mergers, including its current ownership by AGCO.

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"Hitch Up A Computer for Your Farm"

by Chester Peterson Jr.

$24.95 (Shipping and handling free!)

Soft cover, 138 pages

The nuts and bolts guide to getting the most use and value from your most important "implement"—your computer.

Here’s an overview of computers in agricultural applications. This book discusses in detail the different types of computers and peripherals, teaches you how to determine what you need, explains what to look for when buying both hardware and software, states precautions, explores telecommunications and the Internet, provides ergonomics basics, and contains a multitude of everyday usage tips.

Beginning with an examination of whether you're "computable", this book quickly moves on to explain how you can set up your own advanced computer operation quite inexpensively. Two options are covered in detail: How to "soup up" an older computer and when it’s best to buy a pre-owned computer.

This book also closely studies important kinds of software: Agricultural accounting, word processing, database, spreadsheets, and graphing programs. Special weather services are also featured in the book. And, there’s even a chapter containing computer tips from farmers across the country based on their actual experience, including how they successfully modified existing software programs. A complete glossary of computing terms is also included.

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"Developing An Effective Management Team"

by Chester Peterson Jr. and Lynn Grooms

$24.95 (Shipping and handling free!)

Soft cover, 265 pages

Here’s everything you need to know to determine if you need an agricultural consultant, which kind of consultant, and how to locate and work most effectively with one.

There’s never been a time in modern agriculture before when it’s been so increasingly difficult to show some "black ink" at the end of the year. And, agricultural technology has also been expanding so rapidly that no single farmer has the time to learn the intricacies of all the new research and/or products, much less effectively implement them.

This is where the role of the agricultural consultant becomes so valuable. His job is to keep pace with the latest developments in his field, to see and talk with many farmers and know what works in your area and what doesn't. An agricultural consultant generally undergoes recurrent professional training, and has a wealth of resources on which he can call for further information.

In fact, many of the most successful farmers today hire a number of consultants to provide the expertise they need—and he in essence serves as the chairman of a board of knowledgeable directors whose objective is to make the farming operation as profitable as possible.

Almost two dozen different types of consultants are discussed, each with its own chapter that includes what both you and your consultant can do to establish a good, effective working relations. Also included are sample contracts, and extensive, detailed lists of who you can contact.

Remember, shipping and handling are free!